StreetBuilder Help documentation

1. Download and Install StreetBuilder on your computer, from this: GoThru

2. Run the .exe file and open StreetBuilder from your desktop icon - make sure you have an account with in order to login in StreetBuilder

3. To create a new project just click on Create Project to add the 360 video file or just drop the video/s in the designated area blog

4. Wait for the video to be fully uploaded. blog

5. StreetBuilder is extracting the panoramas from the video, at a default distance between the frames, in the presented example it extracted 641 panoramas at a 5m distance. It will create, at the same time, a folder named “gothru-streetbuilder - name of the video” - in the same folder where the video is hosted on your computer.You will have the option to edit the panoramas that StreetBuilder creates and keep the same file name in order to work directly with the edited files. blogblog

6. You can change the frame distance and the type of measurement, between meters and feet. In the example I have changed the distance from 5 m to 7 m; it takes few seconds for the system to recalculate and when you click on the video details it will display the new number of frames as 250. blogblog

7. The app will open the project by default as View slider. There are 3 types of views: View map - where the frames are being displayed on the map; View Slider - it will display the panorama; View Split - will display the current panorama positioned on the map, in red, and the map. blog

8. The Frames button will display the connections between the panoramas by default, calculated by StreetBuilder based on the panorama heading. Before publishing, in Gothru Moderator, you will have to adjust the angle between the panoramas. blog

9. The “GPS” button will automatically create the connections based on the GPS details extracted from the video exif file. blog

10. When you are ready to publish the constellation, click on Upload to GoThru button and the system will ask you to assign a Tour Name and Address. If the video has GPS details, the system automatically will detect and add the address, so you will need to add just the Tour Name. blogblog

11. It will take a few minutes, depending on the project size, for the constellation to be uploaded on GoThru servers - make sure your Internet connection is working. The system is displaying the status of the upload and all the project details, like Total number of frames, Total distance of the project, Number of frames selected and the distance between the frames. blog

12. Once the upload is finished, you have two options: to go Back and make changes to the project; or to View the project in GoThru blog

13. If you clicked on View in GoThru you will be redirected to and asked to SignIn. Make sure to use the browser where you signed in with the same credentials that you signed in StreetBuilder.

14. Once logged in GoThru, under the Constellations tab, you will be able to locate your project blog

15. Open the constellation from under Tools and you will have the option to go and Edit your panoramas (if you haven’t done it at an earlier step), by clicking on the Edit button. When you re-upload the updated panoramas, make sure you keep the same file name, so the old ones will be overwritten by the new ones. blog

16. Go ahead and publish by clicking the Google button. blog